Kytäjä Trail 9.6.2018 – invitation

This is preliminary invitation. The organizers reserve the right for changes

Time and place:

Saturday 9-June-2018. Competition centre is at a ball field next to Härkävehmaa school in Hyvinkää (address: Aleksis Kiven katu 6, Hyvinkää) – note the changed location! The organisers have reserved parking space at the competition centre (map).

There are dressing rooms, toilets and showers and all the relevant services at the competition centre. The finish area is at the competition centre, but the starting place is located 600 m away.

Starts at 11.00 o’clock.
Start of the recreational trail hike in between 11.10 – 12.30.
Finish area will be closed at 16.00 o’clock.

Competition area:

Helsinki–Tampere motorway divides the forest area into two completely different areas. On East side of the motorway, the route goes through the park of Sveitsi which is known for its ridge formations. On West side, there’s the recreational area of Kytäjä-Usmi, which is populated by steep hills and scattered ponds. It is characteristic for the forest that visibility good on top of the hills but it’s poor in the depressions. The route consist of winding small paths passing the hills and going around the ponds in the preserved natural forest area. The biggest height difference is 50 m in the area.

Classes and distances:

Men 23 km
Women 23 km
Men 45 years 23 km
Women 45 years 23 km
Men 13 km
Women 13 km
Recreational hiking class 13–23 km based on your route choices (no timing service)

The 45-year classes are for those who have their 45th birthday in 2018 and for older people.

Recreational hiking class:

The length of the course is 13–23 km depending on each hiker’s choice. Each participant will be given a map, and there’s plenty of opportunities to make short cuts along the 23 km route. There are also many several camp fire spots where people can enjoy the day and do BBQ for own carry-on food. There’s no timing service for the hikers and each participant can start freely within 11.10–12.30. Each hiker is responsible for its own survival on the route.

Team competition:

The novelty in 2018 Kytäjä Trail competition is the team competition on 23 km course for three-runner teams. The team can be gathered from the runners of the same club entered during the registration. The results will be calculated from times of the three fastest runners of each club who have finished the course. The times will be added up and the fastest three-runner team will win without taking into account the gender of the runners. Note that one has to register for a team before the race to be eligible for a team result. Prizes will be granted to the best team.

Participation fees vs. registration thresholds:

  • Threshold 1: until 31.3.2018,  30 €
  • Threshold 2: until 30.4.2018, 40 €
  • Threshold 3: until 3.6.2018, 45 €

The pre-registration service will be closed on Sunday 3-June-2018. Late reistration can be done at the competition centre (before the start during the competition day) for a 50 € fee. The pre-registration fee for the recreational hike is 5 € and the late-registration fee is 10 € at competition centre.

Participation fee includes:

  • Course map
  • Prizes for the top-3 of each individual class
  • Timing service with intermediate split time (not in hiking class)
  • Service along the trail
  • Photographs along the  route
  • Kytäjä Trail buff headwear
  • Opportunity to win prizes in lottery
  • Non-alcoholic drinks and something small to eat at finish area
  • First aid, storing of goods during the competition and other conventional services


Prizes will be given for the top-3 runners of the individual classes. In addition, the best team will receive prizes and there’s an opportunity to win prizes in lottery among all competitors.


The 23 km route is challenging with technical trails and cumulative ascent of 600 m. The course has been modified from the last years and now it contains more small paths than ever. Changes have been made in order to  avoid two-directional running on the paths.

Preliminary course

Registration and transferring the registration:

Registration form

Pre-registration will close on 3-June-2018 at 23:59. Late registration can be done in the competition centre in the morning. The registration can be transferred to next year against a medical certificate delivered to the organizers. The registration can also be transferred to other runner against for a 5€ fee. Note that registration fee won’t be returned to the runner if he/she is prevented without the medical certificate.


Each runner is responsible for its health and insurance. The organizers have a liabiity insurance for the event, but there’s no insurance for the runners. It is recommended that each runner has its own sports insurance, which also covers accidents in trail running competitions.

Events and things to do in Hyvinkää region during the competition day:

Sveitsi swimming hall – outdoor swimming centre 500 m away from the competition centre.
SeikkailuSveitsi – adventure park with routes traversing in trees
SuperPark – indoor activity park at Hotel Sveitsi
Youmove – indoor play ground at the centre of Hyvinkää
Rockfest – hard rock festival at Hyvinkää airport 6–9.6.2018 with world-class bands
The International Sportsmen’s Fair – fair in Riihimäki for those who are interested in hunting, fishing, trekking and nature.


Organising party:

Hyvinkään Rasti ry

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