Competition instructions

These are the instructions for the competition. You should also get familiar with the invitation for additional useful information about the competition venue.

Organizing party:

Orienteering club Hyvinkään Rasti. Enquiries before the competition can be made by e-mail During the competition day some of the organizers can be reached by phone:

Competition office 040 7260 724
Competition director 050 5996 215
First aid responsible 040 5542 532

Starting place:

Starting place is located 600 m away from the competition centre; follow the green ”Isover” markings to get there.

Starting time of the competition classes takes place at 11 AM. One should be at the starting area 10 minutes before the start, because relevant instructions will be given to the runners just before the start. The starting window for recreational hike is from 11:10 – 12:30.

Kytäjä Trail course:

The route is 23 km long with 530 m of cumulative ascent. The 13 km route diverges from the 23 km route at approximately 6 km. The routes converge again at about 16 km. The route follows mainly small forest paths that are technically challenging to run.  The GPS data can be downloaded from:

Marking of the course:

Route marker; two or more of these should be seen all the time.

Small wooden sticks with orange flag at the top end are used as generic markers. In addition white plastic taping is used at places where additional markers are needed (crossing paths etc.).  The generic rule of thumb of marking is that the markers are typically put on the right side of the path in running direction.

The new part of the course 16.5 km – 19.5 km is marked with continuous white string, because the trails disappear underneath the runners occasionally and there are sharp turns.

Mandatory equipment:

Good trail running shoes or even more aggressive orienteering shoes; do not take your ordinary running sneakers!

Service and first aid points:

There are six service points along the route where water is served. At the most of the points, there are personnel serving water to plastic cups. Some of the service points are unmanned and the runners should pour their own drinks. Use cups and don’t drink directly from the water containers! Because of environmentally friendly reasons, it is recommended that the runners take their own cups to avoid producing plastic waste.

There are four first aid points along the route out of which one point at Kaksoislammet will be passed twice.

Responsibility to aid:

The co-runners should offer help to the injured runners. If the injured runner can’t make it to the next first aid point, he/she should be escorted there. In case of accidents, please call to the first aid responsible person, (tel: +358 40 5542 532).

Overtaking other runners on narrow trails:

Please shout an indication to the runner in front of you to be overtaken before making your move. Being polite helps avoiding unnecessary injuries and the small gesture doesn’t take much of your time. Only one runner should cross the temporarily bridge (~17.5 km) over Paalijoki at a time.


Littering is strictly forbidden. Let’s keep the nature clean of all the waste and everyone should carry their own trash from gels and other snacks to the trash bin of the next service place or all the way to the finish area.

Closing of finish area and removing of the route markings:

The finish area will be closed at 4 PM. The runners who don’t reach the finish line before this, won’t receive a time. The markers will be collected starting at 4 PM by the organisers.  The hikers that are still on the route, should navigate back to the competition centre by the map given by the organisers.

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