Route description

First 3.5 km (13 km & 23 km routes):

The route starts from a meadow, which is located on the South side of the Perttula football fields. Right after the start, the route follows the gravel based-recreational routes for the first kilometres. At 2.5 km the route diverges from the road and moves to the trails that go to Vantaanjoki and follow it until going under the motorway.

Typical recreational road in Sveitsi area

3.5 km – 6 km (13 km & 23 km routes):

After passing the motorway, the route goes along the small trails until the first service point at Ladun maja (6 km). It is worthwhile to mention that there’s a dangerous downhill at approximately 4.3 km – watch out for your ankles!  At the service point, the 13 km and 23 km courses diverge.

Steep downhill at ~4.3 km

6 km – 12 km (23 km route):

After passing Iso-Kypärä lake, the route moves to area with steep hills which is characteristic for the Kytäjä region from the perspective of orienteers. Major orienteering competitions have been ran on this area; Jukola relay 2010 & Finnish Championships Extra long distances 2014.  There’s a service point at the south end of a small lake called Piilolammi.

Hill before descent to Piilolammi

12 km – 16.5 km (23 km route):

This is the most idyllic part of the area and the route passes Kaksoislammet (twin lakes) twice. The hill top areas have better visibility than on any of the other parts of the route. The end of this part of the route goes along depressions left in between the hills and the ground is moist and there are several duckboards to run along. Beware the duckboards when they are wet – they are very slippery! At this point the 13 km and 23 km unite again.

Näkymä Kaksoislampien nuotiopaikalta

Charasteristic view for the hills of Usmi

Path going along a depression between two hills.

16.5 km – 19.5 km (new section – 13 km & 23 km routes):

This is the new part of the route. No trail running has been done through this part of the course. Animals and orienteers have formed tiny paths, which are tough and technically challenging to run. The runners who have weak ankles should tape them. A temporary bridge has been constructed over the Paalijoki to enable the direct ascent to the biggest hill of the area. Be careful when crossing the bridge; only one person is allowed on the bridge at a time.

Temporary bridge – one runner should cross at a time

The ascent will be run on negligible paths and it’s very challenging to run the whole hill without taking breaks. After passing the top of the hill, the route goes along paths made by animals all the way to the motorway. Be patient in the downhills, because there are well-hidden stones on the trails.

Animal paths at the top of the biggest hill of the route

19.5 km – 23 km (13 km & 23 km routes):

Last four kilometres are run mainly on the recreational roads of Sveitsi park. There is a 1 km section running through a marsh and in the end the there’s a small steep climb to the top of the ridge and the last 500 m to the finish are of Härkävehmaa school where the competition centre is located.

Path going through the marsh approximately 1.5 km before the finish line.

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